Benefits of Monarch BPM

Monarch BPM is a powerful system that can be applied to numerous businesses to gain effective use. As it is not a specific solution, but instead it is tailored to each customers unique needs, we have found that businesses that perform routine tasks or significant data collection gain the most benefit.

Types of Businesses well suited are:

  • Franchise Businesses that want a consistant process for either head office or franchisees
  • Printing Businesses to automate job management
  • Service Businesses that generate lots of documents such as Insurance, Banking and other service industries
  • Organisations that require role control and the ability to execute their processes wherever they are
  • Each organisation is unique, so please contact for more information.

Benefits for Business Users

How will Monarch BPM help my business?

To be effective in business today you need to make efficient use of your people and your processes. To improve the effectiveness of your people you need more efficient communications. To improve your processes you need to automate those things that can be automated to a degree that the time taken to execute your processes reduces while at the same time the quality of your products and services increase. The goal of Business Process Management (BPM) is to improve your organisations efficency through workflow, automation and improved business process modelling.

Why Monarch BPM?

Monarch BPM offers ease of use, connectivity to a variety of services and integration and extendability. During a meeting with an employee of one of the world's leading IT consultancies, he mentioned that when he started he took a four week training course to learn one of the leading BPM solutions. At this consultancy, they require that each consultant have a minimum 130+ IQ and a wealth of experience. After this meeting it dawned on me that if it requires someone with a 130+ IQ to change your business processes using a business process, then you are not really in control of your business processes and you cannot really control the change. Not only is this not reactive to the level of change in todays business, but it can also be too costly. Monarch BPM is designed to allow someone to change your business processes quickly and get immediate results of the change, on the Web, from an existing application that is using the embedded systems or on a mobile device.

The mobile world?

Communication is key, especially if you have a sales/service force that are out of the office, whether they are across the city or across the world. Monarch BPM allows your employees to particpate in the processes of your organisation wherever they are in the world, from allowing a technician to enter their timesheets on their mobile phone, having the marketing director approve the deisgns of a product to receiving a sales order and then dynamically sending the details to the sales manager if the orders is over 100K, faxing the warehouse automatically letting it know what it should fufill, getting the warehouse manager to let you know automatically when the order has been fulfilled and then sending an SMS to the clients cell-phone to let them know that the order has shipped. It is this flexability that Monarch BPM can give to your organisation.

Benefits for Software Developers

Numerous Benefits of benefits for Software Developers.

You may be aware of all the benefits that Monarch BPM provides, but did you also know that with Monarch BPM you can also embed the workflow and reporting systems into your own applications. Look at what you get as part of the Monarch BPM developers edition.

Expanding out of your application

Each business has their own way of operating. You can use Monarch BPM to extend existing Windows applications or Web applications can call out to an Monarch BPM process and execute custom extensions that your customers design and control. Talk to us about embedding Monarch BPM and how it can benefit your organisation.

Components for adding to your application

Monarch BPM ships with controls that allows you to drop onto your existing ASP.NET applications so you can embed an existing application as soon as possible. Place a workflow on your web page, set the process that it will use, write two lines of code (or paste from our template) and you can have a business process that is as complex or as simple as you need. It's just like a content management system for your processes.

An API that lets you extend the system

Many Business Process Management systems lock you into a limited set of functionality, or a particular database. Monarch BPM has been designed to be as flexible as it can, providing you with an API that gets you access to all the information you may need about the processes in a fast and stable manner allowing you to replace the User Management, the Data Layer, different presentations.

Connecting to Web Services

Each process system can be published as a web service, so external systems can call into the processes directly. Simply set the IsWebService property and presto - you have a web service with accompanying WSDL and access from a wide variety of development processes.

Custom Tools for Developers

You can also use the custom tools to generate XSD schemas to ensure that the data you send to your orchestrations is correct from the start. Also included are code generators that let you create extensions to Orchard in record time in the .NET language you feel most comfortable with such as C#, VB.NET, J#, Chrome, C++.NET or any .NET language that supports .NET 3.5 CodeDOM code generation.

Using Web Services technology you can also connect to the Orchard Engine to run your processes using Visual Studio, Java and many others that support Web Services.

Professional Services

Orchard eBusiness assists in the development of process and people based systems to speed the delivery of systems using Monarch BPM.

Whether your business needs assistance designing processes, integration advice, databases design support, converting documents to and documents so that your team can succeed with the solution as fast as possible.

Technical Services

The Monarch BPM Professional Services team provide both technical and business process experience to deliver you powerful executable business processes that help to increase your throughput and lower costs. As the creators of the Monarch BPM platform we offer a unique perspective on how to streamline your current operating tasks and processes to get the optimum solution we can provide.

A range of services

We can implement a range of services for your organisation such as assisting you in the design of processes, development of custom extensions to the Monarch BPM system, document generation setup for automation involving existing Office documents, system configuration, integration with content management systems or support for your team implementing the your new system. Using our remote presentation we can offer you support, training and mentoring services wherever you are.

Orchard ebusiness professional services also provides design reviews, developer/analyst mentoring and are provided remotely by phone, Skype and email. Some of our services include:

Process Implementation Mentoring: We assist in the review of your existing processes, documents and systems to determine how to effectively implement your system to assist you in achieving your objectives.
Developer Mentoring and Software Development: We can assist you in the development of system integration components to take advantage of other systems or to connect to the systems, database techniques
Contact-an-expert - Contact the team via email, phone or Skype with questions and enquiries relating to the Monarch BPM.
For when you need short term support, Orchard ebusiness Professional Services may be the answer you need. If you needs are outside these services defined, contact our sales team and we can work with you to analyze your needs and provide a solution that works for you.

Web Based Portals

Monarch BPM Web Solutions

Monarch BPM Standard Edition includes a process portal that you can use to run your processes, view your work queue, run reports and view the audit trail of existing processes. Built on a flexible architecture you can incorporate the Monarch BPM processes within existing ASP.NET solution or extend the default process portal that ships with the product.

Content Management Solutions

Monarch BPM can also link into external systems such as Content Management Systems such as DotNetNuke and SharePoint. Monarch BPM Professional Edition includes modules that can allow you to run processes, view work queues, display reports, view queue entries for a process and also display the audit trail for a process.

Combining Content Management, Information, Data and Processes

By combining the power of content management with process management, you get great business agility. Display information where you need to, execute processes when you need to, display reports and layout web pages on your internet site or intranet to get amazing flexibility and collaboration.

Easier Customer and Supplier based portal solutions

Using the content management system you can allow collaboration between your customers and your staff by assigning workflow related roles. Using existing technologies, customer portals can be easily created using the combination of existing user databases, content management, our custom customer portal systems and the Monarch BPM process engine.

Controlling Internal Systems

Profit and Speed

For profit you need to either sell more or spend less. Monarch BPM is designed to assist you to do both. By automating business processes you can spend less time doing routine work or be able to produce more in the same amount of time.

Quality Improvement

Automated processed can assist to inject quality checks into your systems so your control the output of your staff and improve your customers quality message.

Dealing with your customer

Whether your customers emails you, uploads files you to your systems or you want to establish a customer portal, the Monarch BPM Solution can be run in a variety of configurations based on your needs. Our standard product includes a web portal and iPhone/Android portal to allow execution of processes and further integrations are possible through our professional services.

Plenty of features to make it easy to develop your business processes

Monarch BPM provides the ability to create rich executable business processes with an intuitive user interface that allows to create workflow systems that integrate your entire staff, allow communications using email, fax, Office Document Generation, integration with all the major database vendors and numerous other features. Adding reporting, scripting, a web 2.0 interface and you can use the Monarch BPM to add value to your business.

ISO 9001 Implementations

Design key processes

You can use Monarch BPM to design the key processes in the business and provide information about the correct way to do it while they are running the process.

Monitoring Processes

With the ability to monitor the status or processes, the work queues of particular teams and the ability to report on the processes, monitoring the processes and keeping track of your team is made much simpler.

Record Keeping

Every process that is run keeps an audit trail of what occurs, who did the work and when they did it, regardless if it is you, your staff or your customers. To see what happened when it happens make viewing the processes much easier.

Defect Detection and correction

The electronic processes that are created can include data validations so that the right information can be entered and when it is not you can use the communication and collaboration capabilities to inform those that need to take correct action or some other task.

Regular review of the process

Regular reviewing of the processes can occur. The digital dashboards that can be created to view the status of the processes to see how they are working. You can even create processes to remind the review team to review the processes every three months.

Facilitating Continual Improvement

With Monarch BPM you are able to make your ISO implementations easier, and when you change the electronic process, all users will have access to the new processes immediately.

Easy to use tools

Easy to use tools

The designer tools that ship with Monarch BPM allow you to create and modify processes easily and have you executing these processes on a web or mobile platform soon after.

Schedule your processes

Processes can be setup to run at scheduled intervals to ensure quality and consistent processes.

Audit Trail

Whenever a process is run or modified in any way, all changes are logs to create a complete audit trail.

Work with Office

Many work with systems such as Word and Excel to create proposals, documents and other documents required for your day-to-day business. Monarch BPM allows you to generate and manipulate documents based on existing templates to speed your document creation process.

File based monitoring

Many industries such as the print industry have systems that look for files and then run processes on these files once received. Monarch BPM can be configured to run a process based on the creation of these new files.

Role based solution

Dragging a user or role from the designer creates swim lanes allowing processes to allow multiple user or role participants that can be used to allow communication between internal staff users/roles or event external customers or stakeholders.

Process Mobility

Processes for you

The modern professional is becoming extremely mobile, and the Monarch BPM suite allows for executing processes on the mobile devices wherever you are.

Support for iPhone and Android

The iPhone module of Monarch BPM allows for a rich web experience directly on your iPhone. You can still run the processes, view your work queue and participate in the collaborations regardless of where you are.

Mobile Proposals and Documents

Imagine leaving a meeting, typing in the details of the customer and the meeting and have an entire proposal with document outlining the customers ROI emailed directly to the customer.

With Monarch BPM is it easy to create these processes and then run them if you are on your desktop, or your iPhone, Android or other supported mobile device.

Software Architecture

A modern business system needs to be flexible enough to work in all types of environments

Monarch BPM was designed specifically knowing that the environment in which it runs will differ from deployment to deployment and that the building blocks of Monarch BPM can be interchanged with other systems. Our User Management module out of the box comes with the ability to connect to our standard username database combination or connect through Active Directory. We also have an extender for the DotNetNuke system so that user management is controlled in this case by the Content Management system own user management. If you have your own format of where you store users, an integration piece into that technology can be developed and linked into the system.

Creating custom actions and decisions

The Monarch BPM tool also has an additional code generation tool that allows for easy creation of custom action and decisions to allow custom extensions specifically for your organisation if needed.
Other integrations

Monarch BPM also has other forms of integration. XSD Schema Generation, Web Service Generation, Existing Web Services, Scripting support, .NET Code Examples and the ability to connect to other databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle and any system that supports ODBC or OLEDB. Monarch BPM is designed to meet the integration needs of the modern organization.